>Check if ReadyBoost is working

>What’s next? Right, did it really improve my performance or is a USB-stick (not even USB2.0) insufficient? First of all, I did a check to see if the ReadyBoost drive is working.

1. Goto “Start” – Enter “Performance” into the search field

2. Click on “Performance Monitor”

3. Add “ReadyBoost Cache”

I started the game “Command&Conquer Red Alert 3″. I thought if my drive is working, I should be able to see something now – and I was right:

According to Tom Archer, your card is supposed to have the following requirements:

2.5MB/sec throughput for 4K random reads and 1.75MB/sec throughput for 512K random writes

Tom also put together a great list that will answer any question you might have about ReadyBoost, for example:

Q: Aren’t Hard Disks faster than flash? My HDD has 80MB/sec throughput. A: Hard drives are great for large sequential I/O. For those situations, ReadyBoost gets out of the way. We concentrate on improving the performance of small, random I/Os, like paging to and from disk.

Make sure to visit Tom’s Blog if you want to know anything about ReadyBoost.


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