>Turn of services and boost your Windows 7 gaming performance!

To turn off all those unnecessary services we use a tool called “GameBooster”, it’s obviously only one of the ways to do it, but it’s a lot faster than doing it manually. You can temporarily stop all services (that are not required) while you play. Best of all, you can even edit the services list with just a couple clicks and add more services to get even more performance.

Boost Windows 7 Gaming Performance with GameBooster

To add any other services, click on “Options”-”Edit Service List”. Now, simply add any services using this format: RemoteRegistry=1

What other services should I add to this list?

Computer Browser (Browser=1)

Protected Storage (ProtectedStorage=1)

Remote Registry (RemoteRegistry=1)

Secondary Logon (seclogon=1)

Security Center (wscsvc=1)

Themes (Themes=1)

Windows Errors Reporting Service (WerSvc=1)

Windows Media Center Service Launcher (ehstart=1)

Windows Search (WSearch=1) Windows Time (W32Time=1)


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