>VFP – Report Printing on Dot Matrix Printer

>For DOT-MATRIX reporting, I use the normal reports, but with SET REPORTBEHAVIOR 80
And use only the fontas native to the printer, for example: “DRAFT”, “SERIF”. These fonts always appear with a small printer icon on the left.

Don’t forget to set up the default printer in your main report settings, at least during the time you are designing. If you want, after you create your report, you can even clean the Printer-Environment settings.

Using these native fonts is the better option for you.
1 – They will print super fast (because they are native)
2 – Allow you to use some other fonts and sizes, Big and compressed fonts are allowed (in ASCII just one size)
3 – Allow you to determine exactly the position of each field or label

(Sans Serif 10cpi,Sans Serif 12cpi,Sans Serif 5cpi,Sans Serif 6cpi)


2 thoughts on “>VFP – Report Printing on Dot Matrix Printer

  1. Hi … but in Windows 10, I can not see this font option anymore with Draft 10cpi etc. Could you please tell how to do this in Windows 10

    • Control Panel-Devices&Pirnters-Add Printer

      at the new window click “the printer that i wan’t isn’t listed”
      at the next window choose “add a local printer or network printer with manuel settings” and then click next

      at the next window choose “use existing port” (LPT1:printer port) and click next

      at the new window choose Generic (also you will see generic/text only under printers list at the right side) under manufacturer list at the left side and then click next

      thats it..

      hope to help that

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