>How To Change Windows 7 Sticky Notes Font, Size, And Style

>How to change or customize the size of your fonts and the style on your Windows 7 sticky notes? Windows 7 comes with a useful sticky notes, the only problem is the lack of features and almost unreadable font size and style. Here are the keyboard shortcuts for sticky notes:

Ctrl+B – Bold text
Ctrl+I – Italic text
Ctrl+T – Strikethrough
Ctrl+U – Underlined text
Ctrl+Shift+L – Bulleted (press once) or Numbered (press twice) list
Ctrl+Shift+> – Increased text size
Ctrl+Shift+< – Decreased text sizeCtrl+A – Select allCtrl+Shift+A – Toggles all capsCtrl+L – Left aligns textCtrl+R – Right aligns textCtrl+E – Centers textCtrl+Shift+L – Small Alpha list (3rd), Capital Alpha list (4th), small roman (5th), Capital roman (6th)Ctrl+1 – Single-space linesCtrl+2 – Double-space linesCtrl+5 – Set 1.5-line spacingCtrl+= – SubscriptCtrl+Shift++ – Superscript

How to change the font?

Segoe Print is the default font in Sticky notes, if you want to change the font to Arial or other alternative, please follow the step by step tutorial:


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