#VFP AutoComplete Sample

Select ;
CAST(‘MyCountries’ As c(20)) As ‘Source’,;
CAST(country As c(254)) As ‘Data’,;
CAST(1 As Int) As ‘Count’,;
CAST(0 As Int) As ‘Weight’,;
DATETIME()-60 As ‘Created’,;
DATETIME() As ‘Updated’,;
CAST(” As m) As ‘User’ ;
FROM (_samples+’data\country’) ;
INTO Table myAutoCompTable
USE IN ‘myAutoCompTable’

Public oForm
oForm = Createobject(‘AutoCompleteSample’)

Define Class AutoCompleteSample As Form
Add Object txtCountry As TextBox With ;
top=10, Left=10,;
AutoComplete = 1,;
AutoCompTable = ‘myAutoCompTable’,;
AutoCompSOurce = ‘MyCountries’

DELETE FILE “myAutoCompTable.dbf”


2 thoughts on “#VFP AutoComplete Sample

  1. CAST(” As m) As ‘User’ ;

    What about this code line??

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