Dropbox Acquires Zulip, A Stealthy Workplace Chat Solution Still In Private Beta


Dropbox has quietly acquired Zulip, the makers of a workplace chat solution for desktop and mobile, which had yet to publicly launch. Though still in private beta at the time of the acquisition, Zulip had already developed a suite of applications for Mac, Windows, Linux, iPhone and Android, which allowed users to share both public and private messages with their co-workers. Public messages would appear in “streams” related to the topic at hand, like “Design,” “Sales,” “Support,” and more, for example.

The startup, which has been fairly stealthy to date, competes in the broader business messaging space with other cross-platform chat solutions, like Yammer, Convo, recently acquired Tomfoolery, newly launched Slack, from Flickr co-founder Stewart Butterfield, or perhaps, more aptly, with email, which is still the place where a number of workplace conversations take place today, no matter what messaging solution a business may have in place.

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