Fleep, The Team Messaging App Built & Funded By ‘Skype Mafia’, Adds Mac, Windows And Android Apps


If your aim is to be an enterprise messaging app to help cut down on the (over) use of something as ubiquitous as email, then it probably follows that you will need to be available on as many platforms as possible. Fleep, built by an impressive Estonian team comprising a number of ex-Skype engineers, is aiming to do just that. But when the app launched back in August of last year it consisted of an iOS app and web version only. Today, however, the startup is adding Android, Mac and Windows to the list of supported platforms for its team-messaging app.

The company is also disclosing €360,000 in new funding — an extension of its original €260,000 seed round — from angel investors Jaan Tallinn, Ahti Heinla, Priit Kasesalu, Sten Tamkivi, and Rocksprings. Tallinn and Kasesalu are previous backers of Fleep, and, along with Heinla, are also ex-Skypers. Add…

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