Twitter Targets SMBs With A Way To Buy Promoted Tweets In Its Analytics Page


While Twitter expands Promoted Tweets to run on other websites and apps, the social network is also trying to boost usage of them (and revenue from them) on its own platform. Today, it’s announcing a new feature aimed at small and medium businesses it’s referring to as “quick promote“, which will let SMBs select their most popular Tweets and boost them directly from their analytics dashboard in a couple of steps.

The service is rolling out globally starting today, Twitter says.

The idea of having a way to quickly promote a tweet is that it could get SMBs to make more impulse buys of Twitter’s ad products. To date, the main option available to small businesses has been through the company’s self-service platform, launched widely in 2013. While will continue to be available, targeting SMBs on the analytics page will give Twitter a way to provide an ad service closer to where those businesses are…

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